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Better back pain management. Better outcomes for patients and physicians

AI-Powered Solutions to Empower Provider Organizations and Employers

At Transcendent Care, Inc., we’re passionate about building innovative products that disrupt and improve healthcare

Our goal since 2019 is to help patients obtain the right treatment from the right provider at the right time.

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Expedite Employee Care and Reduce Costs

Back pain is too big a cost to ignore and debilitating for your employees. 

Chronic back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide with spine related conditions accounting for an estimated 60% of medical spending. 

Approximately $50B of worker productivity is lost annually due to back pain. Additionally, the current state of back pain management is grim with only 1/3 of patients having successful outcomes.

Getting the patient to the appropriate type of provider at the right time is essential. Low value visits and treatment paths can be avoided.

TCI's clinically validated AI-enabled rapid triage solution:

  • Expedites your employee's time to appropriate care and pain relief

  • Reduces the time away from work

  • Reduces the overall cost of care

  • Improves employee well being

Based on an NIH study - employers average a savings of $2,685 per employee ($1,000 patient savings + $1,685 lost productivity).

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Improve Patient Access and Provider Work Flow

Current methods for triaging and managing spine patient work flow are highly inefficient.

The ability to properly schedule and prioritize patients is sorely lacking. Patients and physicians are frustrated. Physicians, surgeons in particular, many times see patients that do not need their care which in turn delays care for those that do.

Our data shows that 40% of patients are inappropriately directed to surgeons resulting in low value visits for both patient and provider.

TCI's AI-enabled patient triage rapidly captures the most clinically relevant information necessary prior to first visit to improve scheduling efficiency.

Our AI and deep learning algorithms identify and prioritize surgical candidates faster. Typically missed myelopathy patients (20-30%) are also identified and prioritized.

Surgical organizations report much improved clinical yield for identifying surgical patients. The number of surgeries are remaining neutral or increasing even with lower clinic patient volume.

TCI offers highly scalable solutions for organizations of all sizes. We aim to improve the patient care continuum with smart, innovative products that provide value to clinicians, provider organizations, and patients.

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Mission-Driven to Improve Healthcare

Patients rely on a process of elimination and the expert knowledge of their physician to diagnose their problems.

Imagine a future when the physician has ready access to the cumulative knowledge of his/her peers and colleagues. Imagine in real time, the physician compares symptoms to thousands of like patients to determine a diagnosis and treatment.

The future is now and the technology is available to fulfill this vision with innovative point-of-care tools for  practitioners.

Founded by a thought leading neurosurgeon and veteran technology product executive, Transcendent Care improves the patient care continuum with smart, innovative products that provide value to patients, clinicians, and provider organizations.


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"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear"

- Mark Twain

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