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Spine Care Solutions to Empower Physicians and Practices

At Transcendent Care, Inc., we’re passionate about building innovative products that disrupt and improve healthcare. Since 2019, we’ve focused on empowering physicians with the relevant clinical data and point of care decision-making tools they need to improve efficiency and patient care.  Leveraging the collective knowledge of doctors and technology innovation remains the key driving force behind our Company.

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Mission-Driven to Improve Healthcare

Patients rely on a process of elimination and the expert knowledge of their physician to diagnose their problems.

Imagine a future when the physician has ready access to the cumulative knowledge of his/her peers and colleagues. Imagine in real time, the physician compares symptoms to thousands of like patients to determine a diagnosis and treatment.

The future is now and the technology is available to fulfill this vision with innovative point-of-care tools for  practitioners.

Founded by a thought leading neurosurgeon and veteran technology product executive, Transcendent Care improves the patient care continuum with smart, innovative products that provide value to patients, clinicians, and provider organizations.

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Advanced Back Pain Diagnostic Solution

Chronic back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide with spine related conditions accounting for an estimated 60% of medical spending. Properly diagnosing back pain is challenging and time consuming while critical to ensuring the patient is quickly on the road to treatment and recovery.

Transcendent Care, Inc. (TCI) helps spine surgeons who want to share the identification, diagnosis and resolution of patient pain generators and eliminate unqualified referrals via a validated and standardized protocol that’s built upon collective knowledge and expertise.

We strive to share clinical knowledge and deliver precision medicine tools to standardize care, speed treatment, increase provider efficiency, and reduce costs.  For patients suffering from back pain, our symptom-driven machine learning collaborative platform rapidly delivers an accurate point-of-care diagnosis in minutes vs months.

We apply AI deep learning algorithms and clinical expertise to shorten the time to a working diagnosis. Electronic medical record (EMR) solution capabilities can be  augmented by collecting and rapidly correlating patient identified symptoms with known anatomic maps while leveraging aggregate physician knowledge and cumulative patient experiences.

TCI offers highly scalable solutions for organizations of all sizes. We aim to improve the patient care continuum with smart, innovative products that provide value to clinicians, provider organizations, and patients.

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